The Coolest E-Cigarette Shop in Durban

Welcome to E-Cig Inn

E-Cig Inn, the Retail Vape Shop in Winklespruit, Amanzimtoti, carries a wide range of vape juices, disposable devices, hardware, spares, and accessories. We carry well known and respected brands

Welcome to E-Cig Inn, the coolest vape shop in Amanzimtoti (Amanzimtexas)

Hardware (Vape Devices)

We price on the low side. This is to offer vape devices at affordable prices and as a result appeal to a broader range of people who wish to quit smoking. We carry a large range of entry level devices (smaller pod type devices). These help the current smoker quit while not over-committing him to an expensive device. We also have a good range of both mid end and top end devices (Vape Device). These fancier devices will please the vape fan who wants more from his vaping experience.

Meet our staff – Brian and Shanae – Service with a smile!


Brian is our store manager/owner and Shanae is there to lend support on those busier days.

Can you buy online? You can find our stock on our Online Shop too – there you can purchase and we will ship your order. You also earn loyalty points, that is a fun benefit.


The E-Cig Inn is proud to carry a wide range of quality e-juices which sell at really affordable prices. Find an excellent range of popular local and imported e-juices.

Do you question the quality of local juice as opposed to imports? Local juices are made with the same quality ingredients; Pharmaceutical grade bases (PG/VG) and of course, quality food lab flavours. The real challenge is the art of mixing, sometimes leading to the juice manufacturer being referred to as a “Mixologist”! Nice title and for sure, nice juices.

In house brands

In House Juices offer price control, value for money, and control of exactly what you want.

We carry our own delicious range of juices. Nice tasty juices in 60ml, 100ml, and even 500ml (by special arrangement). Priced at the lower end of the scale. These are high quality juice ranges specializing in decadent custards, rich tobaccos, cool fruits, and saucy deserts.

Feel free to visit us at the E-Cig Inn. If needed, we are happy to offer a free cup of coffee to help you keep your palate clean (to enjoy those yummy juices). Of course, we also sell some really cool devices which will help you seek out every ounce of flavour from these juices.

Come chat and enjoy coffee with our knowledgeable staff.

Featuring the following GREAT juice brands!
The Crafters Code - Hand crafted juice perfection. Vape Decadence Juices are rich and flavour filled. A world of flavour - Diner style! Gentle Giant - Tasty juice at a tasty price