The Crafters Code Full range Now available…

The entire range of The Crafters Code E-Liquid is now available at E-Cig Inn…

Here is a breakdown of all the juices you have to try!

Blizzard                           Icy menthol mix with a blast of Eucalyptus
Bonne Bouche                Decadent Custard with rich Milk and Honey
Bliss                                A Delicious chocolate Custard Blend
Caribbean                       Rich Tobacco with the dark fruity tones of Jamaican Rum
Confection                      Stawberry shortcake in a bottle
Countdown                     Rich Custard mix with sweet Butterscotch Ripple
Indulgence                      Roast coffee with a rich aroma
Legend                           Ultra-smooth Vanilla Custard Tobacco
Melon Medley                 A Sweet blend of melons and related fruits
N-Ice Melons                  A perfect balanced blend of melon and ice
Roadhouse                    Delectable Banana Cream with Hints of juicy Strawberry
Sunrise                          Fruit milk flavour with a gentle lemon zing






30ML @ R150.00 

60ML @ R220.00 

100ML @ R320.00



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