Vaporesso Drizzel Fit Nic Salt Kit

Vaporesso Drizzel Fit is perfectly made for Nicotine salts.

The Vaporesso Drizzle Fit is a tiny, lightweight and compact kit designed for easy vaping. Vaporesso is calling the Drizzle Fit the Swiss Army Knife of vapes because it’s supposed to easily accomplish various tasks. The Drizzle Fit mod comes equipped with the OMNI Board Mini, which will set the power to the optimal wattage based on the resistance used. And the Drizzle Fit Tank takes the easy-to-swap coils from the Mini EUC family; both CCELL and their traditional coils.

The Drizzle Fit kit is actually the second round for the Drizzle. The first was released at the beginning of 2017, and the tank was on a 1000 mAh tube battery. Now the Drizzle tank is paired with the Drizzle mod with 1400 mAh battery, 1-amp quick charge with pass-thru, and three wattage mode settings: 13, 9, and 7 watts. The mod is also said to have 40 watts of power available.

The Drizzle Fit mod has a matte finish, one button in the form of a comfortable and clicky firing bar, and the overall dimensions are 23.3 mm x 33.2 mm x 56.5 mm. It only weighs 65 grams, which is less than some sub ohm tanks I have!
The Omni Board Mini recognizes the coil’s resistance and sets the wattage mode for you (which isn’t exactly a new thing for vape mods). To get started, you only have to do the standard five-click of the button to turn on the device, then it’s ready to go. No wonky menus to navigate or learn. Just put the tank on and vape. If you want to change the settings, click the fire bar three times to access the other settings. Green is 13 watts, blue is 9 watts, and red is 7 watts.
Drizzle Fit tank

The Drizzle Fit tank is a top-fill where you fill directly along the sides of the tank. And it holds 1.8 mL of e-juice (making it TPD compliant). The tank is leak resistant due to the airflow being located at the top, just under the tip. It’s adjusted on the top cap by turning it to the left. It’s a solid adjustment and it stays put where it’s set.
The Drizzle Fit takes Vaporesso EUC easy-swap coils. There’s no mess or fiddling whatsoever with these coils. Just turn the tank upside down, unscrew the base of the tank (while holding the glass portion), pluck out the small coil head and drop in a new one. It is a simple, yet clever design and it works as advertised.

The Drizzle Fit tank takes two coils from the Vaporesso EUC line: CCELL 1.3 ohm, and a traditional coil at 1.4 ohm.
I’ve been using two Drizzle Fit kits with the CCELL and the traditional coils. They’re both still going after using them for two weeks (at about one refill each every couple days). No dry hits or spit back f coils. I have them both set to 13 watts (the green setting). For how I like to vape, 13 watts feels ideal on both (if you like a warm vape. The lower settings are obviously cooler.) The flavor and vapor are solid for an MTL vape, no matter which coil I’m using. They’re not earth-shatteringly good, but the throat hit is on point and both coils work really well with nic salts or just high nic juice in general. I can barely tell a difference between the two. They also do fine with higher VG due to the generous wicking holes. Max airflow is at best a restricted lung hit.
I also tried other atomizers on the mod. The atomizer platform is 23.3 mm, and 22 mm atomizers look good and have no overhang. But, other atomizers I’ve used on the mod leave me scratching my head about where the power is actually set. Remember: there is no digital display. Vaporesso says the mod has 40 watts of power, but I don’t know how to access that — or even if I am accessing it. When I put on another atomizer suitable for the power range of the device, it sets it to some unknown number (and I am almost certain it’s higher than the normal green setting). For example: with a 0.7-ohm coil on an MTL RDTA, it feels like it may be close to 20 watts, but that’s a guess since there’s no reading. Having said that, it vapes well with other atomizers, but I just don’t know what power it’s driving.
For this device to be so small, it has a fairly big battery capacity. At 1400 mAh, I’ve been getting well over a day on one battery when using the Drizzle Tank. The pass-thru option is nice to have since the charging takes a while. Although the kit has a 1-amp charge, it still takes about 80 minutes for the charge to complete.
Pros / Cons
• Small form factor to the kit
• The whole kit is easy to use
• Mod has a long-lasting battery
• Pass-thru charging on mod
• Coils perform well for various types of juice
• Good throat hit from tank
• Leak-resistant tank
• Solid airflow adjustment
• Nice and clicky fire bar
• Unknown wattage settings on non-Drizzle atomizers
• Longer-than-an-hour charge

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