E-Cig Inn Weekly News – 8 August 2019

E-Cig Inn Weekly

22 to 8 August 2019

So, E-Cig Inn had some cable theft and voila, no weekly newsletter. No internet for me at all. I now have a LTE connection which to be honest is a cleaner line and a bit faster! So what happened at E-Cig Inn during this exciting period?

E-Cig Inn Holiday Hours

Shopify becomes familiar

Even I can now use Shopify in the shop. I still haven’t figured on cancelling sales and so forth but I can do just about everything else. Mari-Zanne got down and dirty with the mailer function. Wow, how easy and efficient. Most of all, I love searching for an item and then saying, with confidence, that we have items in stock. Then of course I need to figure out where the girls packed the goods… Not always that easy for the man with creaking knees!

We are moving

In our last newsletter we told you that the guys in Galleria closed. Did we mention that the guys at Seadoone Mall closed too? I queried the letting agents for Seadoone Mall and found their rates totally agreeable. It’s not a big shop and it has offices at the back, so it’s not the best layout for us. However, can we ignore the insane amount of foot traffic? The shops doors are located right by the ATM Banking court, in the midst of a myriad of ATM machines. Bliss and wonder, so many feet passing by. We have never had foot traffic before. Loads of parking, Checkers, Woolies, and Clicks. A Post Office, fast foods, and a BILTONG SHOP! Did I mention a Biltong Shop? Now, there will be a BIG Vape Shop, one that can offer a wide range of juice and choice devices! Loads of parking!

New Stocks

This business has a habit of evolving in leaps. One weeks news is easily replaced with even more exciting news. Now we have a rebuildable POD device like the Pasito and our new Kylin M’s in stock. Now we have Pulse Dual Kit’s so that dual batteries will give you more than ONE squonking day. So much excitement.

New Juices

Clever buyers buy what their customers want. We listened and got Unicorn Frappe on Ice. We got new MTL juices, new Nic Salts, and a good amount of new import juices. We also received the first of the Kayi juice samples. What a stunning juice. Well done to Rishaad Ally from A4S on this Turkish Secret Sauce (not so much of a secret anymore).

Holidays and Weekends

Remember, on Public Holidays we usually adopt a blend of Saturday and Sunday working hours. Plus of course, Brian is in the house on Public Holidays and Sundays. Feel free to visit. I hate standing in the shop, all alone, watching TV.

We look forward to seeing you in store or online



For E-Cig Inn Signed: Brian BigB

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