E-Cig Inn Weekly News – 17 August 2019

E-Cig Inn Weekly

8 to 17 August 2019

E-Cig Inn is on the move. We have been lucky enough to have found great homes in the past. For a fact, we never left a shop because we were unhappy. We always left for better opportunities. Our last move was for more parking. Now however, a spot at Seadoone Mall has come up. Wow, we really needed this. With thousands of feet walking past, this is a massively busy center for what is still a holiday town. Luckily, Amanzimtoti houses hundreds of employees of Toyota, Sapref, and some other huge businesses. Loads shop here. No more "Wow, we never knew you were here" which we heard sometimes twice every week! So, we will be closed on the 30th and will try entice the landlord into letting us open on the 31st of August 2019. Failing this, we will trade from 1 September, staring at all the feet, celebrating the nearby shops, banks, and the guards, parking attendants, and so forth. Up market and liking the idea! With tenants like Shoprite, Woolworths, Clicks, and more, what more can we ask for!

E-Cig Inn is moving to Seadoone Mall!

What is different with this picture?

Take a look at the picture below. What is different, what is NEW!

Squamata Pink Python - Ice cold Bubblegum for only R180 per 100ml!

Well, we restocked this week and have a load of your favourites in stock but, what the heck is that pink thing! A python? Seriously? Well, we don’t think it looks like a python but it’s a darn nice bubblegum. It’s a bit sweet, a bit cold, and very pleasing. We tested it on a new mesh tank and were seriously impressed! R180 for 100mls? What a bargain!

New world budgetary

I heard a rumour that money was tight. Actually its a case of arachnophobia and when I found a web in my wallet, I knew that we must look after people’s budgets too. That’s when we bought in a load of juices from Cosmic Dropz. They are not loaded on the system yet (Monday morning should be fine) but be prepared to expand your juice tastes. It’s good juice. We do of course have loads of imports as well. When one considers that maybe 3 years ago we were paying R300 for a 30ml import, the new 100ml and 120ml sell for that kind of money. It’s simply good value for money. Let’s face it, the US manufacturers might not be better than our guys but they certainly have a choice of more laboratories and flavour merchants. In addition, there are so many manufacturers, anyone who actually makes it big in the USA is probably extremely talented as well!

New experience for me

Well, I tried the new CBD juice. I have the Strawberry Bliss from Brutal and I’m vaping it in a Smok Novo. It’s so very smooth and has no overt leafy flavour. I actually get the strawberry rather clearly coming through. Does it help with the shakes and anxieties? I know it does.

Mod World

We did get a few of those Pulse Dual’s in (was in last weeks newsletter). The battery door is a toughie to open though. I use anything thin to help push the door into the open position because my nails cannot do it. However, on that negative I can serve a positive. I love the day and a half I get on 2 batteries compared to the "less than a day" on the single 20700. Am I happy? Yes. I just wish they did not make battery doors that required superhuman adaptations to open. OK, is the glass half full? This door won’t open by accident and drop your batteries on the floor!


Searching Google for glass, a RDA, RTA, or a special juice? When you see the results, you will often see Price Check there. Price Check lists some of the results for you. We have now teamed up with Price Check to let you know if the item you are looking for is available at E-Cig Inn. This should help us grow the E-Cig Inn Online Shop

Amanzimtoti Vape Club

Finally, if you live in Amanzimtoti and you’re not a member of the Facebook page for the club, please consider joining us. We will have juice tasting get together’s quite regularly. Juice manufacturers around the country compete for limited shelf space. They send us samples and to be blunt, we would probably be dead if we tried sampling everything that gets sent to us. So we want to spread the love. Every now and then a juice will be found that is undeniably brilliant. That’s where you want to be. You might find it. Of course, there are always specials as well, so be a part of the group. Remember, we are dedicated to reducing smoking in Amanzimtoti. The fewer cancer cases there are, the happier we will be. No more parent-less children as a result of smoking related cancers. No more devastated husbands and wives. It’s time to quit and vaping will help. Spread the word!

Vapecon – August 31 to September 1

Sadly we are moving and will thus miss Vapecon this year. However, here is some advance news and a promise that we can keep. We will also have some of the much anticipated Kayi Resurrection juice which is launching at Vapecon. This is awesome Turkish Delight but, unlike the normal single flavour style, this is super juicy and extra tasty. We have had some of this already (we know the owner so there!). We love it!

Kayi Resurrection E-Juice - Launching 31 August 2019



For E-Cig Inn Signed: Brian BigB

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