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17 January 2020 – Vaping News

Happy New Year all you vaping fans out there!

We have started with a bang! Lots of new juice, loads of new vapers!

Loads of new juices in stock
Vaping in January 2020 and our juice shelves are packed with new juices
Vaping misinformation across the Globe

The absolute masters of misinformation about vaping have been busy this past year. You know, big tobacco, big pharma, and the Government Officials who like the colour Green!

Let’s see what has happened. Some US States banned vaping. Many US States simply banned flavoured juices. India banned vaping.

There are loads more examples of the banned kind. Some are pure farce. I saw one where the age for vaping was 21 but you could buy a gun at age 18.

Most importantly, where vaping is banned, cigarettes are available everywhere. In India, the tobacco industry is huge and state owned. But they banned the 95% safer product? Can you spell G R E E D and can you see the D O N ‘ T – C A R E when it comes to exposing billions of humans to a toxic death via smoking and of course the BIG C…

It’s a global market and global news thing

Well now, this internet thing is a touch more powerful than the old newspapers! We have the employed, the unemployed, the rich, and the poor all reading current world news and opinion. Yes, they are reading the drivel coming to you from THOSE who covet their dollars even at the expense of their fellow man’s health!

So many Facebook Shares of false facts, so many bad news articles, so many outright lies in print. We are not insiders protecting a lie, we welcome a visit from anyone! Bring it on! Prove to me that a single person died from vaping nicotine. You can’t because the true cause of death of all those US casualties was black market THC being consumed in a similar device. Our devices are a means to quit smoking. Our devices have the potential to save a billion lives!

I guess you call heating oil vaping because it’s vapour. We are heating PG/VG/Flavour/Nicotine. There is a HUGE difference. We have a pot and you have a frying pan. Both have similar qualities but they are hardly the same!

No to THC in Vape Devices

I get the cold shivers when I realize that it’s only a matter of time before someone tries their THC in a vape device over here. I imagine it can work but the manufacturer who gets it right needs to understand what is going on and be appropriately licensed. At the moment, you can grow your own but you cannot sell THC (Cannabis) without some sort of license. More importantly, it’s an expensive process to get good clean THC so it is not cheap. This lends itself to reckless and greedy dealers cutting the quality of the THC to stretch the batch out and make more money. The additives are what killed the US guys. Vitamin E Acetate at the root of the mass deaths.

Unless it is absolutely official and quality undeniable, we suggest running away if someone offers you THC in a tank!

To 2020 and beyond

The whole December we were faced with requests for Hubbly flavour and spares. Sometimes, 3 or 4 customers in a day. We have thus decided to carry a small but solid range of Hubbly and related products. We will also be adding CBD products to our bow. We are looking at a fair variety of CBD Isolate based products (not THC). So, health benefits yes, highs no…

Vape Year begins

Our first order is actually the order I placed for delivery before Christmas. Delays overseas saw the good arrive shortly in the new year and now, CBCU are asking 101 questions even though we are pretty good with our paperwork (done this import thing many times before). We don’t cheat so I never understand why we get delayed, order after order. Surely a spot check on a proven entity is enough. At this rate, the goods will no longer be new to the market but rather old and MUCH harder to sell!

Sad to say, so many of the popular coils and glasses are on this order…

Amanzimtoti Vape Club

Talking about Facebook, don’t forget to join the Amanzimtoti Vape Club. Stay abreast of what’s going on in Amanzimtoti. Click here for Amanzimtoti Vape Club.



For E-Cig Inn Signed: Brian BigB

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