Vapour Products Association of South Africa Diginar

Vapour Products Association of South Africa (VPASA)

The Vapour Products Association of South Africa presents a Digital Seminar (Diginar) on The Science of Vaping (12 August 2020)

Topics of Discussion
  • Evaluating the harm reduction claims of vaping – Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos
  • Vaping – Science vs Ideology – Dr. Marewa Glover
  • The youth vaping controversy – Clive Bates
  • Panel discussion and Q& A facilitated by Dr. Delon Human
  • VPASA Host – Asanda Gcoyi

Vapour Products Association of South Africa - Diginar

Useful Links

VPASA Website

VPASA Facebook

Not a Seminar but a Diginar! Enjoy!

This was a webinar to remember. Comments and questions were taken from the chat and posed to the speakers if the specific topic had not yet been answered. It was interesting to see the approach of the speakers from different backgrounds and countries come together with a common conclusion!

Please everyone, be aware that we face a battle. We need to differentiate ourselves from smoking. It seems as if our Government views Vaping and Smoking as being much the same thing. We know of course that it is Combustion that releases the really harmful chemicals and by-products that are the killers. It’s kind of like drinking coffee (not so bad) versus burning coffee beans and inhaling the coffee. Who would do that?!? Why?!? They are not the same thing.

Yes, nicotine is addictive and has harms associated with it. It is however not the big bad wolf that smoke from combustion of tobacco leaves and the by-products we call tar is. Vaping is the way to Tobacco Harm Reduction. That is a buzz phrase by the way. Say it slowly… It rolls off the tongue… Most of all it means that switching to vaping means reducing the harm you are doing to your body!

The speakers are experts in their fields. They are able to speak to actions by the UK, New Zealand, Nordic Countries, and even the USA. These are not idiots, no Sir! The were many years of medical study and experience in the webinar! People who have your heart and your wellbeing as a core to their ethics and beliefs.

Vaping save my life, what about yours?

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