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26 August 2020 – Vaping News

Well now vaping friends; who would have thought that Covid19 would step in and shut down our world for nearly 5 months! Yes we were open (eventually) but we were only able to sell Devices and CBD Juices. The real fun started when the ban was lifted and those fancy import juices could be placed on the shelves again. Even we were surprised by how quickly the clients consumed the famous Aisu, Ultimate Puff, and Juice Man products…

We have many popular vape juices in stock now

CDC Registration

During lockdown we registered E-Cig Inn and its staff with the CDC (Cannabis Development Council). It is our express opinion that CBD should not simply be an excuse to go into a vape store. THC and CBD products have so many supporting stories regarding their curative properties. No, we cannot diagnose and we can’t prescribe. We can provide links to finding out more for yourself though. Epilepsy, Cancer, and more are discussed with people crediting CBD/THC for their cures… Now, we have taken our stocks to a new level. Feel free to take a look in store!

Our CBD and THC goods on display

Our CBD Juices 25mg to 250mg

Time to enjoy our THC Edibles (up to 40mg)

CBD Creams are said to have great healing powers

New Vaping Devices

During the lockdown, not everyone knew this but China too had been locked down and we who were in fact able to make purchases were left staring at out of stock notices. That matter has been resolved and many shops have now got loads of new goods, and loads of happy customers. We certainly tried to get stock too and that has just landed and been added to the stock on the shelves. More is to follow but for now we are extremely happy!

Most of our Vaping Devices are on display

Mouth to Lung Vaping Devices

Vaping Mods and Kits

Vaping Stock is starting to look normal now

Vaping Mods and Kits

RDA (Drippers) and RDTA Tanks

RTA's - Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Vaping in Amanzimtoti

During lockdown we were able to keep a constant supply of devices going once we had our CDC Registration in place. A lot of new clients who gave up smoking. We welcome you and hope to serve you well. When not in lockdown we are able to put together a much better choice of nicotine based juices for you.

Vape Juice Basics

Remember the basics of vape juice. We will list those basics here for those new to vaping.

Mouth to Lung

It’s jargon in the vaping world but it means drawing vapour into the mouth and thereafter drawing that vapour into the lungs. Here you are likely to use juice that has a thinner consistency. Juices that are high in Vegetable Glycerin are going to be thicker and harder to process in a small coil. Most of those devices that you draw somewhat similar to a cigarette, those are the ones where you would buy a juice that is fairly balanced at about 50% Vegetable Glycerin and 50% Propylene Glycol. These juices are also normally much higher in nicotine content. This could be from 12mg to as high as 50mg. The reason is that you don’t draw in the huge clouds that the bigger devices create. With those bigger devices, high nicotine is likely to be too much.

Direct to Lung

Here you literally bypass the mouth and draw the vapour direct into the lung. It’s highly efficient. You certainly won’t need the high nicotine levels in your juice neither. These tanks sport coils that are usually much lower than 1Ω. More power is used and huge clouds are created. Juices are cheaper per volume (loads of 100ml to 120ml bottles out there) and the common nicotine levels would be 3mg and 6 mg.. These juices are typically thicker and the more common levels are 70 VG and 30 PG or 75 VG and 25 PG. It’s the higher VG percentage that makes those solid vapour clouds possible.

Nicotine and Nicotine Salts

Without going into great chemical depth, Nicotine is naturally a bit Alkaline. This can burn the throat a bit. The "crowd" call this the throat hit. Nicotine salts sees the laboratories interfering with the Nicotine and adding an acidic base to reduce the PH to neutral. Now you have no more throat burn. This has enabled vapour fans to use those 35mg and 50mg mixes without gagging on a burning throat. More recently some of the bigger overseas exporters in the UK have been selling low MG juices made with nicotine salt. PH neutral nicotine makes no change to the flavour whereas your normal nicotine adds a bit of a taste to juice. This is a winner too.

Amanzimtoti Vape Club

Talking about Facebook, don’t forget to join the Amanzimtoti Vape Club. Stay abreast of what’s going on in Amanzimtoti. Click here for Amanzimtoti Vape Club.



For E-Cig Inn Signed: Brian BigB

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