Grey Imports

Definition of “Grey Imports”:

Grey import goods are legally imported from another country through channels other than the maker’s official distribution system.

Under section S25(2) of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) we are obligated to inform all our customers  that we are not the sole distributor of any electronic cigarettes or components thereof. All our devices are legally imported from overseas.  We also hold imported E-Liquids as well from different companies.

We will adopt the warranties normally given from the supplier due to factory defects or damage. We will not be able to honor a warranty due to client damage.

  • Beware of power surges when charging, this can damage the device.
  • Don’t plug a simple device into a fast charger, this might damage the battery.
  • Beware of leaking tanks. We have hot weather and high pressure at the coast. Juices leak and if they get into the device, you can get a short which in most cases will result in an irreparable device.