E-Cig Inn carries a good range of e-cigarette hardware, spares, and accessories. The shop also features some of the best vaping devices.

Vape Pens

E-Cigarette Hardware

There is no official terminology describing an e-cigarette as opposed to a vaping device. For a fact, they work in exactly the same manner. The size and advanced nature of the device seems to be the watershed between the two names. For the purposes of this website, we call pen style devices E-Cigarettes. The lines are blurring though with new pen style devices putting out as much power as their larger vaping counterparts.

Vaping Device Hardware

Vaping Device Hardware

Yeah yeah, we already said it. These are bigger devices and they deliver far more vapour than the e-cigarette. It can in fact be said that some vaping devices have exceeded their understandable use. Who after all wants a 500kph car when the speed limit is 100kph? These devices tend to have special features including things like Temperature Control or Wattage Control.

Tank for vaping


Oh how little we knew when we started! Now we get RBA’s, RTA’s, RDTA’s! We get prebuilt coils or we get decks where we have to build the coils. Heavens above, what else! Yeah, tool kits to build the coils, special cotton to wick the coils, even special ohm meters to measure the coils! We know this sounds like a mountain. To be honest, it is not that much and the newbie can actually buy a simple tank, plug in a coil, and vape away. Building coils takes a bit more effort but of course, you are now in control of your vape experience. Some people like it hot, some not so much. Coil building is the best way to ensure you get what YOU want. Come visit us if you want to find out more about coil building, we are all proficient!

Coil Building Kit


We hinted at this above. The growth in the vaping side of things has spawned many accessories. From the VERY obvious spare glass and spare coils to the not so obvious Ohm Meter, Vape Bag, Coil Kit, and heaven forbid, an Ultrasonic Cleaner! Most of the Vaping devices come without batteries. We do sell the unique 18650 batteries as well as compatible chargers.

When it comes to coils, you need to ensure you know which coils you want. Each manufacturer has their own unique coils and of course, more powerful tanks have bigger coils than less powerful tanks. A coil should last a few weeks but it does pay to have a few spare at all times. You never know when you might need one. It also pays to carry a spare battery or two. Remember, these LiPo batteries carry a punch. You should keep them in a protective sleeve while traveling. We carry stock of these sleeves.

Quality Control

We carry known international brands. Our buyers actually buy off catalog and research each product, long before they ever see a signed order form. We understand that sending a factory fault item back to the manufacturer in the USA or China is not what you signed up for. E-Cig Inn will honour the warranty for a factory fault but reserve the right reject where it’s obvious that the goods were subjected to damage (like being dropped or being drenched in juice). We expect you to return the item and its box back to us. That way we can claim a replacement back whilst ensuring that you can leave with a cool and working replacement!

Keep your eye out on our blog (bottom of right hand margin) for updates and specials. We use many of the devices listed ourselves. When you come into the E-Cig Inn, we will gladly (where possible) demonstrate the device. Remember too that you can visit our online vape shop to obtain your vaping requirements as well.


Price is relevant to the product so of course there are cheap goods and expensive goods. You can however be setup ready to go for less than R500 or you could, if that was what you wanted, spend over R3000 and buy a high quality vape device with the best e-juice, spare coils, carry bags, batteries, chargers, and more…