E-Cig Inn Newsletter – 18 August to 3 October 2019

E-Cig Inn News

18 August 2019 to 3 October 2019

E-Cig Inn is now well and truly settled in its new home in Seadoone Mall. What a blessing to have foot traffic. If the card machine starts playing up, we have an ATM from EVERY BANK in the Mall, the big 4 being next to our door. What can we say, we are simply very fortunate!

E-Cig Inn in Manaba Beach

E-Cig Inn has a new branch in Manaba BeachA new era with a shop down South. Welcome to E-Cig Inn Manaba Beach. Your host is Craig who has been with E-Cig Inn since it began. Craig has been vaping for nearly 5 years now and can help and guide you to a great solution.

Find a great range of flavours plus a number of special offers too. Devices range from entry level to top drawer! There are top end juices (imports) and budget juices to suit every pocket. Visit E-Cig Inn at Shop 3, Diamond Center, MANABA BEACH, Margate (Opposite The Chippie Diner).

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Craig in the Manaba Beach shop
Craig in the Manaba Beach shop
My pretty, my precious

Let’s just say that we are talking about game changers. We received the beautiful Vaporesso Gen mods. They are light (but not plastic), they have an incredible chipset, and they have blown the minds of reviewers worldwide. Add to that the beautiful Pal II Pro with it’s adjustable wattage screen and you find a whole new world to put in your pocket. We are also receiving the new Aegis X later this week or early next week. Remember that the Legend was super excellent, strong, reliable, but it had a dull screen (lifeless and uninspiring). Well, they have now taken an entire side of the mod and turned it into a glorious colorful screen. More to the point, the screen seems to be shockproof too (watched a review). Oh heavens, what more can we ask for?

Of course, we carry on with flavour purchases. Besides the introduction of our own ISO7 juice (Gentle Giant Banana Custard), we also received new Melon, new Cinnamon, and new Ice based juices. Delicious is the core to these new flavours. We tasted them and we love the way they taste.

Vaping under attack

So many of our customers have remarked that their friends, their neighbors, and their colleagues have been telling them they are killing themselves. This is of course due to the deaths in the USA that the press have linked to vaping. Well, it’s kind of like buying a wine glass. If you drink a bit of wine you will be fine. If you drink acid, well you’re likely going to die. So we ban the sale of wine glasses?

These guys were vaping THC. And, so I don’t offend the THC support crowd, let’s just confirm that these were off the street, backyard job cartridges that contained dangerous chemicals. So, do you ban vaping or do you find the black market manufacturer and shut him down? Given that banning vaping will force thousands back onto combustible cigarettes (and cancer), I cannot for the life of me understand the actions of a number of governments around the world.

Please, if you are on Facebook, join the following group and stay current with information. Then your friends, neighbors, and colleagues will get educated and perhaps even put others straight instead of perpetuating this nonsense.

Learn Inform Vape

Saturday 5 October 2019 is going to be a great day. New items, lots to play with! New juices, lots to taste. Loads of friendly faces, we want to see them. Look forward to seeing you all!

Amanzimtoti Vape Club

Talking about Facebook, don’t forget to join the Amanzimtoti Vape Club. Stay abreast of what’s going on in Amanzimtoti. Click here for Amanzimtoti Vape Club.



For E-Cig Inn Signed: Brian BigB

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