E-Cig Inn Weekly News – 17 August to 13 September 2019

E-Cig Inn Moved!

E-Cig Inn moved over the August month end. Ouch, moving a Telkom line can take quite a long time, especially when the lines in Amanzimtoti have been stolen all over the place. Technicians are few, work is plentiful! Anyway, the internet is back up and running, it’s time for the newsletter to be written again.

New Address

Did you see that? We updated the address in the right hand column. We also retained the same telephone number. I must say though, the line is much more clear in this shop. We look forward to your calls. As for Seadoone Mall, it’s pretty busy. You will always find a parking spot BUT not always in front of our door.

E-Cig Inn Seadoone Mall

Our Shop Front

We need to maintain the same corporate feel of Seadoone Mall. A fairly sedate entrance into a busy little shop that has more shelf space than ever before. We actually have an empty shelf or two?!?!

More shelf space, nicer shop, loads of positives, we have it all!

Our Staff

We were sad to say good bye to Michaela and wish her well. We do have a back up for the quite rare occasion when Mari is off. That would be Tanya, a customer and well known local horse riding instructor. She has the kind of flexible hours required to stand in for Mari if she is away.

Our Shop Hours

Nice new Mall, near to the banks, guards in the area, definitely more secure. For that reason we extended our hours every day. Our new hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday: 08H30 to 18H30
  • Friday: 08H30 to 19H00
  • Saturday: 08H30 to 15H30
  • Sunday: 11H00 to 15H00
  • Public Holidays: 11H00 to 14H00
  • Closed on Christmas and New Years Day
What is happening in Manaba Beach?

E-Cig Inn Manaba Beach opensCraig van Rensburg has been looking after our online side of the business for many years now. However, he needs to branch out, expand, grow… We have decided that we will open an E-Cig Inn Manaba Beach Branch. This means that all the folk from that busy little hub (Margate, Ramsgate, even Shelly Beach), will no longer have to travel many kilometers to; stop smoking, get their fix, buy their kit, or find a new juice! Welcome to shop keeping Craig!

Craig in the Manaba Beach Shop.

The Manaba Beach Branch already has stock to trade with!

Shop Stocks

We have good stocks of new juices including our new Gentle Giant Banana Custard. The juice is extremely popular and has been bottled for us by Vape Warehouse in their ISO7 Clean Room. The Kayi Revolution juice launched last weekend too and has been selling well. The runaway success though has been the budget juice known as Pink Python. Made by A4S under the Squamata Range, this Bubblegum Ice flavour sells for R180 for 100ml. A great price, an excellent juice, and stock that simply keeps flying off our shelves.

Online Store

The online store is growing nicely. Remember, you can visit the E-Cig Inn online store by clicking here. This way you can see if your favourite juice or coil is in stock before leaving home. Save petrol!

We were worried when the news was published that a number of people died from vaping related illness. Of course, the fact that nobody died in the previous 10 years from a vaping related illness was shall we say, strange? So, people went out and did the homework. Hmm, yes, some people died because they vaped contaminated Cannabis Oil. So, it was a contaminated Cannabis oil and NOT a VG/PG juice with nicotine? Yes, but that did not stop the haters from declaring to one and all that they were right. I guess those who say that cars kill can all claim to be right too and have them banned. After all, there are thousands of accidents and deaths on the road that support this claim. Let’s ban cars!

Refer this link to find out more



For E-Cig Inn Signed: Brian BigB

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