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E-Cig Inn Weekly

15 to 21 July 2019

This was a seriously busy week for the E-Cig Inn girls and I. We bought stock locally, we imported stock, we bought new juices, and we filled up the fridge with cold drinks! We found out that the guys in Galleria had closed their shop which was kind of sad, but not unexpected with the huge rentals they were subjected to. Remind me to NOT target a big mall for rental!

Coming to grips with Shopify

You think it’s merely about a point of sale but you’re wrong. It’s much more than that. Shopify doubles up as the E-Cig Inn online shop now. All the stock we have is in the cloud. Online clients and clients in the shop can both earn loyalty points. They are buying the same stock with the same currency! But:

  1. Your stock count has to be 100% accurate or you might end up selling something you don’t have (online when it cannot be physically picked up and touched).
  2. Our old habit of taking the plastic off one or two boxes so that customers can look at the goods has to stop. No online client wants a box that’s been opened, even if it was never used.
  3. Another bad habit where the store owner simply takes a coil or cotton for own use has to no be rung up and taken out of stock.
  4. Of course, when stock is received it can no longer be left to be entered later. It now has to be done immediately.

I am not sure how, but I reckon the E-Cig Inn girls deserve a night out once this all beds down and is running perfectly!

So, what are the highlights?

Uwell Caliburn - Now in stock at E-Cig Inn. Try our new online shop or visit us in store!

I think the new Legends with their super fancy Jeans or Jade finish are simply awesome. Those Caliburn Pod Devices rock the planet! It’s simply wonderful to have GT Mesh coils in stock as well!. Speaking of mesh, the UForce N1 coils is a winner too and we got a batch of those.

I never knew we would be excited about plastic but getting a batch of iJoy Mystique disposable tanks also raised my heart rate. VERY popular especially with holidaymakers who break their tank or have a strange tank that we have no coil for. It’s a great solution and it works.

As for juices, we received the lovely range of juices from Milc. Of course we all tried Zewb but I tell you what, the others are just as good! As for the Hazeworks juices, the new Bubble and Omega are seriously good! I am a tobacco fanatic and I reckon I make a good tobacco. Omega is awesome, trust me. Jealous much? Very!

The fiddly bits

We refilled most of the juices at E-Cig Inn. We alsogot a few new MTL juices, got more glass for different tanks and added to our coil collection across the board. Cotton, coil brushes, new drip tips, new battery covers. Just bits and pieces that everybody needs at some time or another.

We look forward to seeing you in store or online



For E-Cig Inn Signed: Brian BigB

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